Valley Splendor Wild Bird Food


There are three species of North American Bluebirds all noted for their magnificent coloring, musical songs and regular sitings.  The Western Bluebird are slightly smaller than robins with a deep blue hood and underparts with a rust-colored chest and light gray belly.  The Male Eastern Bluebirds have brilliant blue heads, backs, wings and tails with a brick-red throat and breast.  The female Eastern Bluebird has a rich buffy throat and breast; grayish-blue head and back with light blue wings and tail and white rings around the eyes.  Western Bluebirds are found year-round in the West and Eastern Bluebirds are commonly found throughout the year in the Northeast, Southeast and Southern Midwest.  The Eastern Bluebird is known to expand its territory during the summer months and can be found in the Midwest including the Dakotas, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Nebraska.  Both Western and Eastern Bluebirds will come to feeders in search of Sunflower Hearts, Berries, Raisins, Suet and spreadable mixtures.