Valley Splendor Wild Bird Food

American Goldfinch

The American Goldfinch is one of the more popular birds to attract to your feeders.  The male American Goldfinch is easily identified during the summer months with its yellow body, black cap, wings, tail.  The female is yellowish green overall with black wings and tail.  During the winter months the male will turn yellowish brown, with yellow wash on face and chin and the female will turn grayish brown, with little yellow.  Find the American Goldfinch year-round throughout many regions of the United States.  It is likely you will see Goldfinches in the summer months in Montana, North Dakota, and parts of Minnesota, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho and Canada.  And, in the winter months you should spot the American Goldfinch in parts of California, South and Southeast into Mexico.  American Goldfinches come to feeders looking for Sunflower Hearts, Black Oil Sunflower, Suet, Millet and Nyjer® Thistle.